Retro styles are inspired by the 80s and 90s, The Memphis Group, and arcade video games. Think about bold colors, pixel art, playful geometric designs and patterns.

In contrast to the more excessive, 80's inspired styles, a rebellious, minimalist trend is evolving. Unlike the popular card layout trend, this trend aims to break the rules.

Natural and real photography resonates with people, instead of using cheesy stock photos. Use personal photos, add some credibility, such as interviews, published content, and achievements.

You never know what your future clients may want or what your company will be designing unless you keep your eyes and ears open for the latest news.

Many young designers tend to throw away or sell back their textbooks once they graduate from a graphic design degree program, but it’s important to always have books at your side.

Color has its effect both when present and absent. Use the rules of colors wisely to obtain the best effects to your design.

Shapes are forming key elements of finished design and with the evolution from 3d rendering inheritance it is hard not to see a design influenced by the polygon, where relevant or not.

Who’d have predicted that back in the 80s when the first computer aided design packages were being developed that they would now dominate design to the extent they now do.

Every trend has its flip side, and experts also predict that, as a response to geometrical shapes everywhere, there will be a rise in free-form shapes.